Friends and Other Writers:

Bruce Coville

Kids adore Bruce Coville's fiction for good reason. His stories are fast and funny and exciting, and they have a tendency to sneak up on you — to work deeply just when you thought it was all a goof. He's also the moving force behind Full Cast Audio marrying his loves of fiction and theater by dramatizing kids' books through, yes, full-cast recordings.


The Endicott Studio for the Mythic Arts

Edited by Terri Windling and Midori Snyder, a gorgeous, multi-faceted site exploring myth and folklore in writing and the visual arts. An exhilarating resource for anyone who loves the realms of myth.


Elizabeth M. Rees

Painter, potter, sculptor, dancer, and most recently, the author of the richly textured (and sexy) YA novel, The Wedding, based on Jan van Eyck's famous Arnolfini Portrait.


Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman

The above link will take you to information on two of the more dynamic writers in the fantasy field. Ellen Kushner is also a radio host, who wrote and produced WGBH's award-winning Sound and Spirit. Delia, too, wears a double-hat, editing as well as writing. They write independently and together with a tremendous range of style and subject, and all of their work is beautiful.

They are also two of the founders of the Interstitial Arts Organization


Holly Black
One of the best and most original voices in contemporary young adult fantasy. Author of Tithe, Valiant, and co-author of The Spiderwick Chronicles


The Katurran Odyssey

This is the website for an illustrated fantasy novel by Terryl Whitlach and David Michael Wieger. Terryl, who used to be one of George Lucas's artists, created the world, and screenwriter David Michael Wieger's prose tells the story of a young lemur named Katook and his adventures. Full disclosure: This is one that I edited, and I still can't believe what a beautiful book it turned out to be.


Joe Novak

Here you'll find the Painting Assemblages of artist Joe Novak. The series, "Echoes" consists of 50 luminous "box assemblages incorporating paintings and mineral specimens."


R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine, one of the more prolific and inventive writers of scary stories for kids, has a delightful website, complete with games. Don't miss the Doik!

The Sur La Lune Fairy Tales Pages

For all those who love fairy tales and folklore, Heidi Anne Heiner's site is the place to be. It includes retellings and annotated versions of many tales, reproductions of classic fairy tale art, and an ez message board for a lively ongoing discussion of fairy tale themes.


Thomas Harlan

In addition to being a splendid human being and a master of the art of plotting, Tom Harlan writes exciting fantasy and science fiction multi-book sagas, often involving a war or two and lots of archaeological detail. A tremendous story-teller. And for beautiful and humorous photos of his clan, check out the site by his wife, the artist Suzanne McDhomhail


Anneli Rufus

Anneli Rufus is an award-winning journalist and editor. Her Party of One: The Loner's Manifesto is a thoroughly entertaining examination and defense of what it is to be a loner. But it's her latest book The Farewell Chronicles: How We Really Respond to Death that I couldn't put down. Farewell Chronicles is a courageous, illuminating, and beautiful inquiry into some of the not-so-heroic feelings that arise when we confront life's greatest mystery. Unflinchingly honest and ultimately transformative, this book is an act of healing, an offering to our hearts and souls.


Kathleen Williamson

Singer, songwriter, lawyer, and activist, Kathleen Williamson plays music that spans rock, folk, and jazz. Her latest CD, The Sacred Spud, is full of gorgeous original tunes, sung with beauty, verve, and her inimitable style.


Gems, Minerals, and Jewelry


Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth offers a wide-ranging collection of metaphysical crystals, gems, and jewelry. They're especially good on some of the harder-to-find minerals, like ajoite and fulgerite and tektites. They also sponsor the annual Crystal Conference in Burlington, Vermont. For information on this year's conference, check out:


Sabai Jewelry in New Orleans

Terrie Day's collection of beautiful pieces, primarily from Bali.



To quote the site, Suiseki is the "study and enjoyment of naturally formed stones as objects of art." This site not only displays beautiful examples of these stones but is filled with the poetry of their categorization. Enter a world of mountain, desert, and tropical stones and others defined by patterns of rain and snow and lightning.


Aerolite Meteorites

Website for meteorite hunter and science writer Geoffrey Notkin. Features authentic meteorites for sale, a gallery of striking meteorite photographs, meteorite books and reviews, science articles, expeditions and adventures. See Aerolite owner Geoffrey Notkin meteorite hunting in Cash and Treasures on The Travel Channel and in Wired Science on PBS.